Our Plant-Based Future: Consumer Demand for Alternative Proteins

Download Veylinx's new behavioral research to see which plant-based meats and other alternative proteins drive demand in the U.S. market—and why
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Veylinx measured demand for seven proteins (meat, plant-based with meatlike properties, conventional plant-based, cultivated meat/fish, mycoprotein, microalgae, and insect) across seven different formats (burgers, lasagna, bacon, nuggets, jerky, filet mignon, and sushi)

The research also tested demand for popular brands of plant-based burger patties from Beyond Meat, Boca, Amy's Kitchen, MorningStar Farms, and Sweet Earth.

In addition, the study examined the impact of labeling choices (like "meatless" vs. "vegan") and the effect of health, environment and animal welfare messaging.