Which brands won the Super Bowl? Veylinx research reveals how the ads affected consumer demand

Download the summary of Veylinx's latest behavioral study to see if Super Bowl commercials really drive demand—and who benefited the most
Super Bowl Cover

The research tested demand for 16 products before and after the 2023 Super Bowl: 8 advertisers and 8 non-advertisers.

Advertisers tested include Michelob Ultra, Heineken 0.0%, Hellmann’s Mayo, Downy Unstopables, Crown Royal Whisky, Frito-Lay PopCorners, Pringles and Pepsi Zero Sugar.

Non-advertisers tested include Corona Extra, Budweiser Zero, Kraft Mayo, Arm & Hammer Clean Scentsations, Canadian Club Whisky, Popchips, Lays STAX and Coke Zero Sugar.